Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If you have $20,000 I can honestly help you double that.

Investing money these days is treacherous. Stocks, Commodities, Bonds, Realty have gone down the tubes, and there is no telling when or where we will reach the bottom. Im sure that I dont have to tell you this because you already know. I AM HERE to present to you a FAST GROWING method of MAKING SERIOUS CASH.

I am here to tell you about FOREX, Foreign Currency Exchange. It is a market that was not available to common people like you and me until the late 1990s. It was only available to ULTRA RICH Business people that required 10 MILLION DOLLARS and up to get started. This has since then changed, and is RAPIDLY growing in popularity! Why, because other investments dont work!

FOREX is BUYING and SELLING International Currencies at varying exchange rates. FOREX is the ONLY market with the absolute highest Liquidity of any investing market. LIQUIDITY means Money that is available for CASHING OUT and putting it into your pocket.

When you are trading currency, they are arranged in pairs competing with eachother. Forex acts like a 2 way street. Meaning that you can either take a "BUY" position or a "SELL" position on any currency pair you like, at any time you want, for however long you want to. BUT most Forex trades happen in 5 -20 minutes! TAKING PROFIT!

So now you ask:
"Well what happens if the Dollar plunges through the floor and doesnt come back?"

Well that is no problem, because you can choose ANY currency pair you want to invest in. AND if you see that the US Dollar is plunging through the floor and doesnt look like its coming back, then you simply take a "SELL" position and watch your PROFITS GROW as the Dollar continues to fall, until the point the Dollar starts to come back. Then you hit "LIQUIDATE" when you want out and your PROFIT automatically shows up in your account. BAM.

In Forex, WE LOVE to see the Dollar plunge, or the Dollar to Skyrocket, it really doesnt matter to a Forex Trader, because there is opportunity to make profit in ANY DIRECTION! The key is making a dependant analysis on which direction the currency pair is going to go. Risk Management and Market Psychology is the name of the game. Once you understand those things, then it gets a lot easier to make profits!

I am a Forex Trader in Tokyo, Japan. My purpose for this blog spot is to CONNECT with potential CLIENTS who are in the market for investing in Foreign Currency Exchange . I am looking for clients who are BUSINESS minded, can handle calculated risks, and have a hunger for potentially earning ALOT of MONEY.

The minimum amount to get started in this market is $10,000 US Dollars. Anything less than that is very dangerous to trade, and the possibility of making a mistake and losing your money is highly probable. But I HIGHLY recommend getting started with $20,000 US Dollars and up. I am not saying this to be greedy, in any way! The reason for this is that the market FLUCTUATES in extreme directions, and you want a SOLID and STRONG bank account to ride out those dips and jumps. The more equity or (money) you have in your account, the MORE POTENTIAL you have to GAIN ALOT of PROFIT, as well as protect you from the market working against you.

Sure, you can invest with a generic on-line trading company that allows you to start with a "Mini" account for $500, but your profit points are worth nothing more than several cents, and you can lose all that money very quickly. Neither do they offer you any advice or consultation on trading or difficult situations.

I am offering a unique oppourtunity to invest in Forex, and the possibility to DOUBLE your account size. This is no scam. This is not the boiler room, I am not selling you a dream Im not selling anything, I am simply offering a unique opportunity to make money. When opportunity arrives at your door, either you are ready for that opportunity and you seize it, or you are not. Simple as that.

I am a personal consultant and advisor to my clients, and will be your support in times of uncertainty in the market. My position is to fully support you and advise you when you are in the market. My position is to fully protect your interests and to help you GROW your money with the appropriate tools and consultation.

So if you have at least $20,000 dollars and are in the Market to invest, DO NOT go short on some strange stocks, it is not a good idea now. If you are SERIOUS about investing, send me a personal email. I can explain in depth about how this market works and how my company operates. Please only SERIOUS inquiries only.

I have the tools and a great team behind me to help you grow your money in leaps and bounds in the most liquid market in the world.

Chris Carnett
Tokiwa Investments, Tokyo Japan

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